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The PocketSurfer3 retails at £199.99 and the PocketSurfer3 Lite at £159.99, and will be available in early August.

The latest editions to its mobile internet portfolio will also offer users an extra ten hours a month free surfing in the UK (now 30 in total) and low cost roaming in Europe at 5p per minute. Which reflects the 36.8 million Internet users who go online for an average of 29 hours a month*, meaning the Internet will truly be free for the end users.

Suneet S. Tuli comments “There is a still strong consumer demand for a device that is truly portable, delivers the real web into the palm of your hand, is free for the average user and doesn’t tie consumers into monthly contracts or fees.”

Both the PocketSurfer3 and PocketSurfer3 Lite include all the best elements of the PocketSurfer2 series, delivering the full power and original graphic intensity of the internet rapidly and wirelessly to the palm of you hand, for free. An embedded high performance GPRS antenna and SIM card means that users do not need to rely on Wi-Fi hotspots and can connect to the internet quickly and easily, wherever a mobile phone signal is available, at home and abroad. Due to Datawind’s patented acceleration technology, page load times are faster than any other handheld device on a mobile network at five to seven seconds per page.

The PocketSurfer allows users to browse the web in its original HTML layout, with full graphics, Java support and other complex web functionality on a full colour, five-inch 640 x 240 TFT screen. The PocketSurfer3 also has a touchpad mouse pointer that greatly improves navigability around the screen. With the full format, backlit QWERTY keyboard users can take full advantage of a variety of web based services that are supported including instant messaging and email. With built in GPS, the PocketSurfer3 can also transform itself into a fully featured personal navigation device.